"I used to take 100 pills a day! Now, I just spray."
     Peter Lupus Actor/Mission Impossible, Body Builder



I use it because it works! Vitamist helps me cope with the pressures of professional golf.
     Nancy Rubin Professional Golfer/LPGA Tour

The idea of a spray vitamin was very intriguing... I carried the B-12 with me on a 10K run and found I was five minutes faster than a race a month before with less training.
     David Tanner Iron Man Competitor

The Lord blessed me with the talent and ability and gave me an excellent product that keeps me energetic on a very busy schedule. I feel others will benefit greatly from the enhanced mental alertness and energy if they need to perform well.
     Steve Schroeder Professional Bowler

Sprays will be present in the systematic circulation (throughout the body) in only 22 seconds. Used regularly, four times daily, they will produce considerable protection...
     Dr. Jorge A. Saborio Board Certified Urologist

I have not had one cold, thanks to C plus Zinc. My blood levels are good, thanks to B-12 and the wonderful high B and C complex in Stress. And the Multiple puts my feet on solid ground before I put them on the floor in the morning. Spray! Spray! Spray!
     Jacqueline Harrison Former Ms. Senior America of California

A few weeks after using the sprays, I studied them and then decided I would never take another pill again.
     Michelle Homan Former Champion Ice Skater


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On the supplement DHEA:

Incredibly, while each problem is associated with its own set of risk factors, a single hormone weakness appears to be common in all: low blood levels of DHEA.
     Dr. Julian Whitaker

When I went to work out, I got results like I did in my 20s... I would work out, and in 10 days to two weeks I could see a change in my muscles. Ive enjoyed sport, but I always thought after age 40 you pretty much pack it in. I was doing triathlons, and I thought that would be a thing of the past. Its not.
     Stephen A. Chemiske author of The DHEA Breakthrough

On its own, thats good news. But coming as it does after reports that taking DHEA can prevent or ease a variety of other ills, it may be the strongest evidence yet that a single hormone plays a central role in maintaining human health.
     from The New England Journal of Medicine

...the DHEA reservoir was depleted from stress.
     from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, the best-selling book by
     Dr. Deepak Chopra


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On the supplement Pycnogenol
(a strong anti-oxidant we market as Pro-Bio Mist):

     Studies from the National Cancer Institute, National Institute on Aging, John Hopkins University, and the American Heart Association have found how anti-oxidants isolated from fruits and vegetables and natural herbs function within our bodys cellular and tissue systems. They have hundreds of protective nutrients that protect our bodies from free radicals which enter and destroy our bodys cells and tissues. Free radicals are produced from pollution, preservatives, heavy metals, UV radiation, and stress. These devastating effects on our bodies can be reversed by antioxidants. You can now take a super antioxidant for your health that protects, neutralizes, nourishes and even rejuvenates!!



     The following have been documented in the research of Dr. Richard Passwater, Dr. Jacques Masquelier, Dr. Morton Walker, The Pasteur and Huntington Institutes and seven other leading Universities in Europe.

Improved Circulation Strengthens Capillaries Repairs atherosclerosis
Resists Mutagen Attacks Resists Oxidized LDL Reduces Capillary Fragility
Reduces Varicose Veins Improves Skin Smoothness Improves Joint Flexibility
Fights Inflammation Prevents Ulcer Formation Reduces Stress/Depression
Lowers Cholesterol Decreases Allergies/Hay Reduces Muscle Cramps
Helps Asthma/Bronchitis Reduces Infection/Flu/Cold Helps Cataracts/Glaucoma
Reduces Skin Problems Cuts Lipid Problems Lowers Histamine Levels
Reduces Risk of Cancer Enhances Immune System Faster Healing
Helps Alzheimers patients Reduces Risk of Stroke Repairs Artery Linings
Enhances Cell Vitality Strengthens Arteries/Veins Reduces Risk of Phlebitis
Repairs Artery Linings Reduces Risk of Sport Injury Resists Free Radicals
Helps MS Inflammation Improves Cellular Nutrition Resists Peroxide Build-Up
Reduces Edematous Legs Diminishes Lower Leg Blood.. Reduces Headache Pain
Improves Cell Collagen Reduces Arthritis Pain Helps Diabetes
Reduces Eczema Prevents Bruising/Cracking Reduces Blood Pressure
Decreases Hemorrhoids Decreases Respiratory Inflammation. Prevents Fat Formation
Retards Aging Reduces Diabetic Retinopathy Reduces Menstrual Cramps
Reduces Risk of Parkinsons Helps with Muscular Degen. Increases Energy
Subdues Allergic Reaction Penetrates Blood Brain Barrier Prevents Wrinkling Skin
Reduces Spasms Protects from sunlight, chemicals in water, air pollution, smoke, drugs, alcohol



My 11-year old son has Attention Deficit Disorder and was on Ritalin and Prozac daily. On November 1 I started him on Pycnogenol and on Thanksgiving Day I was able to take him off the drugs.
     Trea Clippard, North Carolina

I am sleeping well for the first time in years and no longer get foot cramps. I am feeling very well in general since I started taking Pycnogenol.
     Mary Jack, Arizona

I had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Since taking Pycnogenol the pain is now gone. I have had complete relief from prostate problems also."
     Steve Fazia, North Carolina

I had very high blood pressure for 24 years 290/120. After one month on Pycnogenol it is down to 132/80."
     Helen Clatch, North Carolina

I began taking Pycnogenols for a foot injury. That injury stopped hurting and an added benefit is the persistent sore spots on my tongue are now gone.
     Dave Elliot, Illinois

In 1970 I was paralyzed from my toes to my mid-chest by a virus and nearly lost my life. I have had to use a walker and have had continuous pain. I have been using pain medication all these years. After using Pycnogenol for 3 weeks I felt better and could sleep all night. After 2 months about 50% of my pain was completely gone. After 4 months, I put all the pain medication away as I did not need them. I can now walk without pain and only need a cane.
     Kenneth Oliver, Texas

Since taking Pycnogenol my eyesight has improved. I am crocheting again after two years. My energy is up. My blood pressure is down to 120/80. I have perfect heart rhythm now. I can now walk three miles without distress.
     Mae Milliken, Virginia

A fatty tumor on my shoulder is gone after taking Pycnogenol. Also the scarring on my skin is disappearing.
     Gary Sinclair, North Carolina

I have severe allergies. My itchy eyes and runny nose are completely gone after taking Pycnogenol.
     Denis Burback, Arizona

My prostate problem has cleared up since taking Pycnogenol. So have my hemorrhoids. The circulation in my feet has greatly improved.
     Allen Arndt, North Carolina

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986 and progressively got worse. Walking became increasingly difficult. After taking Pycnogenol, I no longer have to use a cane and my walk is only a slight limp now. Precancerous skin growths have gone away and my energy level has increased.
     Nancy Arndy, North Carolina

My 12-year old daughter is asthmatic and since she has been taking Pycnogenol her asthma has subsided and she no longer has to take medication. She can now run the mile in 9 1/2 minutes.
     Liz McBride, Texas

I had vascular necrosis in hip joint and the end of the bone began to die due to lack of blood circulation to it. Used crutches for 2 months before starting on Pycnogenol. I am now playing golf and riding a bike again as all the pain is gone.
     Sandy Mitchell, North Carolina



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