The product groups listed are based solely upon testimonials of satisfied customers. Many people have found our spray nutrients to be extremely therapeutic for the referenced condition. Not all persons will have the same results. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Nutritional supplements may be powerful as adjuncts to, but are not intended as replacements for, conventional medical treatment. Anyone on medication or under medical care, especially pregnant or nursing women, should consult your physician for specific recommendations pertaining to your condition.

It is always important to consult with an experienced practitioner if you do not have the background to make an appropriate selection for your particular condition.


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Addictions Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Re-leaf, Smoke-less
AIDS Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc, Blue-Green Sea Spray (The AIDS Coalition of Tampa is recommending these three)
Alcoholism Colloidal Minerals, Smoke-less

Pro-Bio Mist, Colloidal Minerals, Smoke-less

Alzheimers Pro-Bio Mist, E+Selenium, Blue-Green Sea Spray (Pro-Bio Mist is the only bioflavonoid that crosses the blood brain barrier to the brain to stimulate mental activities)
Anemia (pernicious) Vitamin B-12, Folacin, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Aneurysms Colloidal Minerals (Loss of artery elasticity due to copper deficiency)
Anxiety Attacks Smoke-less, Vitamin C+Zinc, Herbal Re- leaf (Valerian Root in Smoke-less is the derivative for Valium)
Appetite Promotion Vitamin B-12
Arteriosclerosis Pro-Bio Mist, Cardio Care, Blue-Green Sea Spray, DHEA (Pro-Bio Mist slows down hardening of the arteries)
Arthritis Herbal Re-leaf, Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Colloidal Minerals, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Asthma Pro-Bio Mist GS, Colloidal Minerals, Smoke-less
ADD/ADHD Pro-Bio Mist, Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf, Colloidal Minerals (Work with the Doctor to get your child off of Ritalin)
Back Pain Herbal Re-leaf, Herbal Osteo-CalMag (Herbal Re-Leaf helps with all muscular aches and pains)
Bell's Palsy Colloidal Minerals, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Biting Nails Smoke-less
Blood Pressure Cardio Care, Smoke-less, Vitamin C+Zinc, Extend Performance ( to lower) Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray (maintains nl)
Blood related complexion irregularities Smoke-less (Contains many blood purifiers and clears it up quickly)
Bone Spurs Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Breast Feeding Prenatal, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, E+Selenium
Broken Facial Capillaries Pro-Bio Mist
Bruise easily Vitamin C+Zinc
Burns E+Selenium
Cancerous Growth (reduces risk) Pro-Bio Mist, Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin C+Zinc, E+Selenium, Adult Multiple for Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, Cardio Care for Enzyme Co- Q10
Cervical Cancer (prevention) Folacin, Pro-Bio Mist
Chemo-therapy Pro-Bio Mist
Children Children's Multiple, Colloidal Minerals, Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Chocolate Craving Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Cholesterol Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Cardio Care, Folacin, Smoke-less, Colloidal Minerals
Chronic Fatigue Stress Syndrome Stress, Vitamin B-12, Advance Performance, Pro-Bio Mist, Colloidal Minerals, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Smoke-less (16-24 sprays daily of Stress - Vitamins B are severely depleted in this condition)
Cold / Flu Vitamin C+Zinc, Herbal Re-leaf, Pro-Bio Mist, Advance Performance, Renew Performance, E+Selenium, Smoke-less, Herbal Osteo-CalMag (Note that Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, and E+Selenium should be used regularly for health and prevention)
Collagen Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc (Helps build new tissue for youthful-looking skin)
Cramps Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Lady Mate, Herbal Re-leaf, Stress
Crohns Disease Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Vitamin C+Zinc, Stress, Melatonin, Extend Performance (during a crisis) (A chronic inflammatory disease in the intestine; should maintain regular supplements as well)
Depression VitaZac (St. John's Wort), Stress, Advance Performance, Slendermist, E+Selenium (To get off Prozac: VitaZac, Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Re-leaf)
Diabetes Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Colloidal Minerals, Adult or Children's Multiple, Cardio Care (Blue-Green Sea Spray maintains balance of carbohydrates and proteins)
Digestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Herbal Re-leaf (Herbal Osteo-CalMag contains cayenne and fennel, which aid in digestion. Catnip, ginger and fennel are antispasmodics; Herbal Re- leaf contains fever few and scullcap, both are antispasmodics)
Diuretic Lady Mate, Herbal Re-leaf, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, DHEA-M (Helpful ingredients include: Kava Kava in Herbal Re-leaf, Marshmallow root and Gotu Kola in CalMag, and Sarsaparilla in DHEA-M)
Ear infection Pro-Bio Mist, Colloidal Minerals
Eating Disorder Blue-Green Sea Spray
Energy Vitamin B-12, Extend Performance, Advance Performance, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Epstein Barr Virus Stress, Vitamin B-12 (every 2 hours) (Constantly tired, body can't store water soluble vitamins)
Eczema Pro-Bio Mist, E+Selenium, Vitamin C+Zinc
Fever Vitaminophen, Extend Performance
Fibroid E+Selenium, Pro-Bio Mist
Hair, Skin, Nail E+Selenium, Vitamin C+Zinc, Pro-Bio Mist, Adult Multiple for B complex
Hangovers Vitamin B-12
Headache, Migraine Herbal Re-leaf, Pro-Bio Mist, Vitaminophen, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Colloidal Minerals
Heart condition Cardio Care, Advance Performance, Extend Performance, Renew Performance, Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray, E+Selenium
Heart Attacks Same as above, add Slendermist (Check with Doctor)
Heat Stroke, Exhaustion Extend Performance, Revitalizer
Heavy metal in body Blue-Green Sea Spray (i.e. for lead, copper, mercury, poison, radiation therapy)
HIV Pro-Bio Mist, Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin C+Zinc, E+Selenium, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Adult Multiple, Stress, Vitamin B-12, Colloidal Minerals, Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf
Hodgkin's Disease Folacin, Colloidal Minerals, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Pro-Bio Mist (Folacin meets above normal requirement for Folic Acid)
Hot Flashes Lady Mate, E+Selenium
Hyperactivity Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf, Pro-Bio Mist
Hypertension Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Re-leaf, Cardio Care, Colloidal Minerals
Hypoglycemia Blue-Green Sea Spray, Slendermist
Insomnia Melatonin, Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf (Lupus sufferers should not take Melatonin; Smoke-less reduces the amount of Melatonin required)
Jet Lag Melatonin
Kidney Stones Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Colloidal Minerals
Learning Disabilities Vitamin C+Zinc, Colloidal Minerals
Leukemia Folacin (Folacin meets above normal requirement for Folic Acid)
Liver Spots E+Selenium
Loss of Taste Vitamin C+Zinc
Low Blood Sugar Slendermist, Colloidal Minerals
Lupus Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Colloidal Minerals, Herbal Re-leaf, Blue-Green Sea Spray, E+Selenium, Adult Multiple, Stress, Smoke-less, DHEA
Maintenance Formula Adult Multiple, Colloidal Minerals, Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Cardio Care
Memory Stress, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Men's Formula Adult Multiple, Colloidal Minerals, Pro-Bio Mist, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Vitamin C+Zinc, E+Selenium, Stress
Menopause Lady Mate, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Mental Retardation Folacin
Motion Sickness VitaMotion-S, Renew Performance, Vitamin B-12
Multiple Sclerosis Blue-Green Sea Spray, E+Selenium, DHEA, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C+Zinc, Stress, Herbal Re-leaf, Pro-Bio Mist (Spray Pro-Bio Mist 12+ times per day)
Muscle Damage Renew Performance, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Muscle Pain Herbal Re-leaf, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Muscular Dystrophy Pro-Bio Mist, Stress, Vitamin B-12
Nausea Vitamin B-12, Renew Performance, Herbal Osteo-CalMag (CalMag has ginger, excellent for pregnancy)
Nervousness Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf, Stress
Osteoporosis Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Colloidal Minerals, DHEA
Pain Herbal Re-leaf, Vitaminophen
Parkinson's Pro-Bio Mist
Performance Advance Performance, Extend Performance, Renew Performance
Performance High Altitude Blue-Green Sea Spray
Periodontal Disease Extend Performance, Cardio Care (Enzyme Co-Q10 in Cardio Care has reversed this disease)
PMS Lady Mate, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, E+Selenium, Herbal Re-leaf
Prenatal or Pre-conceptual Prenatal, Folacin, Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Prolapsed Organs Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc
Prostate E+Selenium, Vitamin C+Zinc, Pro-Bio Mist, Folacin (E+Selenium: 70% reduction for prostate cancer)
Psoriasis Pro-Bio Mist, Blue-Green Sea Spray, Adult Multiple, E+Selenium, Folacin
Quit Smoking Smoke-less, Vitamin C+Zinc
Radiation Pro-Bio Mist, Anti-Oxidant, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Receding Gums Herbal Osteo-CalMag
Rest & Sleep Melatonin, Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Herbal Re- leaf
Rhinovirus Vitamin C+Zinc (Kills the virus; singers - spray back of throat)
Sagging Skin Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc
Sinusitis Pro-Bio Mist, E+Selenium (in the nose), or Smoke-less (Smoke- less usually works in 2-3 minutes)
Skin Problems (acne, rash, bruising) Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc, Smoke-less (Smoke-less has 5 blood purifiers)
Sleep Disorders Melatonin, Smoke-less, Herbal Re-leaf (Herbal Re-leaf helps get rid of nightmares)
Smog Smoke-less, Pro-Bio Mist (For ease in breathing)
Smoking (Quit) Smoke-less, Vitamin C+Zinc
Sores that do not heal Pro-Bio Mist, Vitamin C+Zinc (topically and orally, helps even when antibiotics do not)
Stroke Pro-Bio Mist
Sunburns E+Selenium
TMJ Vitaminophen
Tunnel Vision Pro-Bio Mist, VitaSight
Varicose Veins Pro-Bio Mist
Water Retention Lady Mate, Blue-Green Sea Spray
Weight Loss Advance Performance, Slendermist, Blue-Green Sea Spray
White Spots on Fingernails Vitamin C+Zinc
Women's Formula Herbal Osteo-CalMag, Lady Mate, Slendermist, Cardio Care, Smoke-less


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