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KareMor International, Inc. is proud to bring its remarkably effective spray nutrients to the health conscious consumers of the world. Instead of nutrients being absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract, spray vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lining in the mouth. KareMor is the exclusive network marketing company for Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc., a firm which has long enjoyed a well deserved reputation for quality and innovation in nutritional science.

Mayorís commitment to excellence in spray nutrients means Vitamist is manufactured using the highest grade, purest vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. We continue to develop new products that stand far above any others available. These patented products are exclusively distributed as a network marketing opportunity for KareMor International Distributors.

Everyone wants to be healthy, and proper nutrition is an important step to health. Yet conventional vitamin supplements in the form of pills are often hard to swallow, and very wasteful ñ very little of the nutrient content is absorbed by the body. Through Vitamistís Micro Liter Oral Spray delivery system, each spray delivers a high concentration of pure nutrients through the mouthís sensitive lining to provide your body healthful nutrients at the proper levels and without waste. One also avoids allergic reactions or other side effects due to the shellac, talcum powder, yeast, sugar and other fillers commonly found in pills. Also gone are the binders of wax, grease, or starch as well as the artificial colorings used in pills.

At a retail cost of $19.95 to $27.95 for a monthís supply, Vitamist supplements are a bargain, too. Considering that one would have to take up to 10 times the amount of pills to equal the efficacy of these sprays (thatís 10 pills per day every 2 hours or 300 pills per month!), Vitamist is quite an inexpensive way to ensure good health! The optimum usage of Vitamist is to administer two sprays, four times per day, thus ensuring a regular flow of nutrients to your body and avoiding the ìpeaks and valleysî associated with pills (high concentration where much is wasted, followed by a marked drop).

With these superior products, and the KareMor team behind you, building a healthy and secure financial future can be easy. As a great tasting and effective consumable product, your customers will be back for more! Whether you seek to improve and maintain your own health at a 20% discount, or you are interested in distributing Vitamist sprays yourself, click on $Opportunity$ to find the EZ order enrollment form.

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